PBS scalable line of Single Use Bioreactors


The PBS Mini, our smallest
Equipped with Mag Drive Technology, accommodates either a 0.1l or 0.5 l vessel. Rotation controlled by magnetic coupling between the Vertical-Wheel and the base unit. Lower working volumes allow for in situ cell harvesting from microcarriers. Eliminates the need for anti-foaming agents or shear protectants. Accurate agitation control with digital display. Small footprint for use in incubators and biosafety hoods. Specifically engineered with environmental seals to be robust and reliable under high humidity and temperature conditions. Learn More

The PBS 3 is Small in Size, yet Delivers Big Results
Unleash the power of your research and development team by gaining efficiency and a competitive advantage in the laboratory with the PBS 3 liter single-use bioreactor. Elegant, efficient, and powerful, our bench top bioreactor is the next generation bioprocess solution. Available with Airdrive or Mag Drive Technology.  Learn More

The PBS 15 has Unmatched Simplicity and Performance
Take the lead and seize a competitive advantage with the PBS 15 liter state-of-the-art single-use bioreactor. The PBS 15 is the most advanced disposable bioreactor available on the market. Your process development team will benefit from the plug and play design, tabletop footprint, and the fast, homogeneous mixing with low shear stress from our patented Mag Drive or Air-Wheel Technology. Learn More

The PBS 80 is Growing a Culture of Innovation
The PBS 80 all-in-one system is the most advanced single-use bioreactor now available in the market. The PBS 80 is the smallest, most efficien and easy-to-use, disposable 80 liter bioreactor in the biopharmaceutical industry. Learn More

The PBS 500 Experience the New Standard
Empower your R&D, clinical, seed train and production teams and gain efficiency, flexibility and a competitive advantage with the PBS 500 liter single-use bioreactor. Elegant, efficient and powerful, the PBS 500 bioreactor is in a league of its own. Using is believing with this next generation bioreactor. Learn More