CellCelector Publications and Posters

Around the globe, the CellCelector has proven its value in applications where single cells, colonies or clones need to be identified and isolated, while providing full documented trail on the process. Many publications and posters in different applications are available. Please contact us for more information about your application.

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)


  • Lampignano, R. et al. The combination of Parsortix™ and CellCelector™ enables the characterisation of EpCAMneg CTCs in breast cancer. ISMRC 2016 Hamburg.
  • Neumann, M. et al. CellCelector isolation of CTCs enables additional marker staining followed by panel sequencing. ISMRC 2016 Hamburg.
  • Neumann, M. et al. CellCelector & CellSearch combined workflow. ACTC 2014 Crete.
  • Voigt, K. et al. Single cell sequencing of rare cells after magnetic enrichment. ISRMC 2013 Paris.
  • Berger, T. et al. Detection and characterization of CTCs in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) DGHO 2013 Vienna

Single cell isolation (tumor cells, B cells, T cells, hybridomas, stem cells etc.)


  • Wagner, K. et al. Selection of reference genes for quantitative PCR of single cells. STS 2011

Cell colony isolation (stem cells etc.)


  • Planes, E. et al., Life Cell Imaging for Quality Control of Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture. ISSCR 2013 Boston

Clone picking from a semi-solid media (CHO, hybridoma, etc.)

  • Gilbert, R. Fluorescent Labelling in Semi-Solid Medium to Identify High-Expressing Clones for Recombinant Protein Production (CHO). CHI’s Bioprocessing Summit, Boston 2011.
  • Caron, A.W. et al. Fluorescent labeling in semi-solid medium for selection of mammalian cells secreting high-levels of recombinant proteins (CHO). BMC Biotechnol. 9, 42 (2009). http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19432976
  • Zoldan et al. Automated clonal selection of high-producing hybridoma colonies. (Appl. Note)
  • BSI – Antigen specific antibody-producing clones selected by isotypes (Appl. Note)