Cell Biology Innovations

Bridging the gap between Innovators and Users, DYNC provides innovative solutions and technology in the field of cell biology that enable our customers to significantly advance their projects and processes. Our solutions find their applications in Life Sciences and Plant Sciences. Based in The Netherlands, DYNC is a full service company and passionate on exceeding customers expectations in every part of its service.

Cell imaging, selection and picking

logo_ALSALS Automated Lab Solutions - CellCelector

A controlled cell harvest has an increasing importance for the applications of the rapidly expanding life science sector.

The CellCelector is a freely configurable tool for the automated transfer of single cells and cell colonies. The patented harvest process allows a gentle cell uptake directly from the culture plate without pre-treatment. Using this technology, highest survival rate and cell integrity are guaranteed.

A newly developed laminar flow cabinet makes it possible to work permanently under sterilizable and defined environmental conditions (temperature, CO2).

DYNC is exclusive distributor for the Benelux countries.

Single Use 3D Bioreactors


PBS Single Use Bioreactors with Vertical Wheel Technology

The PBS Biotech's Vertical-Wheel™ Bioreactors represent the first truly novel and innovative approach to bioreactor design since the “single-use” concept began. The vertical agitation design results in scalable homogenous mixing, reduced cell-damaging shear, improved mass transfer, and uniform particle suspension — all in the smallest footprint available. This remarkable Vertical-Wheel mixing mechanism eliminates many of the problems and pain associated with “rocker” and “stirred-tank” disposable designs.  

The PBS Biotech Bioreactors come in a range from 100 ml to 500 liters and are fully scalable.

With Vertical-Wheel™ Bioreactors, you can achieve faster, more productive results with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

DYNC is exclusive distributor for the European countries.