Single Use 3D Bioreactors


PBS Biotech Single-Use Bioreactors for Every Stage of the Cell Culture Process

PBS has revolutionized the single use technology as opposed to the evolutions that have taken place so far. The PBS single use technology is combining state-of-the-art technology with the highest quality standards to deliver scalable, robust, next-generation single-use bioreactors. Designed for scientists and engineers working at every stage of the cell culture process, our products improve R&D to production productivity, efficiency, and flexibility, while reducing costs… accelerating the commercialization of stem cells, biological drugs, vaccines and biosimilars.

Vertical – WheelTM Technology – The Heart of Our Bioreactor
The Vertical-WheelTM, , part of each single use vessel, is a unique pneumatically or magnetically-driven, vertical agitation design that results in scalable homogenous mixing, reduced cell-damaging shear, improved mass transfer, and uniform particle suspension.