Cell Imaging, selection and picking

The molecular genetic analysis and the recovery of single cells is becoming increasingly important in Human and Plant Biology, Medicine and Forensic applications. The individual screening and analysis of single cells can provide new insights into cellular heterogeneity and cell fate.  

The CellCelector from ALS Automated Lab Solutions is a freely configurable tool for the automated transfer of single cells and cell colonies. The patented harvest process allows a gentle cell uptake directly from the culture plate without pre-treatment. Using this technology, the highest survival rate and cell integrity are guaranteed.

The CellCelector combines precise robotic technology with a sophisticated image processing software.
The integrated inverted microscope enables work under brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence conditions.

The workflow of the CellCelector is divided into
three steps:

  • Image recognition
  • Cell harvesting
  • Documentation

The CellCelector provides the optimal isolation technology for a variety of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell types.

Besides pure cell isolation, the CellCelector is offering much more. The inverted microscope combined with the versatility of the software analysis modules allow a detailed observation, documentation and analysis in real-time – both from established cell lines, as well as sensory cells, such as primary cells.

Due to its free configurable equipment of various harvesting tools, the CellCelector can harvest and transfer almost everything, starting from single cells to 2D or 3D colonies while keeping them alive. The applications where CellCelector is particularly powerful and largely outperforms other competing technologies are:

  • Fully automated, fast and reliable isolation of 100% pure rare single cell (e.g CTCs or fetal cells)
  • Automated reproducible stem cell colony isolation (e.g. for new iPS cell development)
  • High throughput selection of monoclonal antibodies / new cell line development

For specific information for your application field, please contact us.