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Bridging the gap between Innovators and Users, DYNC provides innovative solutions and technology in the field of cell biology that enable our customers to significantly advance their projects.


Our solutions find their applications in Life Sciences and Plant Sciences.


DYNC is a full service company and passionate on exceeding customers expectations in every part of its service.



The PBS Mini series


PBS Single Use Bioractors

PBS Single-Use Bioreactors from PBS Biotech from Camarillo, USA

The PBS Biotech's Vertical-WheelTM Bioreactor represents the first truly novel and innovative approach to bioreactor design since the "single-use" concept began. The pneumatically or magnetically-driven, vertical agitation design results in scalable homogenous mixing, reduced cell-damaging shear, improved mass transfer, and uniform particle suspension - all in the smallest footprint available. This remarkable Vertical-Wheel mixing mechanism eliminates many of the problems and pain associated with "rocker" and "stirred-tank" disposable designs. With Vertical-WheelTM Bioreactors, you can achieve faster, more productive results with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

DYNC is exclusive distributor for the European countries.

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DEPArray lab on a chip

DEPArrayTM from Silicon Biosystems SpA Bologna, Italy

The novel DEPArrayTM technology is unique and capable of identifying, sorting, isolating and recovering single cells out of a small sample (<100k cells). The cells remain intact and alive and can be used for downstream processing.

DYNC is exclusive distributor for the Benelux countries.

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Cell IQ® from CM Technolgies Ltd. from Tampere, Finland

Cell IQ® is an ideal platform for live cell imaging as it provides an optimised incubator for cell maintenance, a time-lapse microscope for image capture and built-in analysis software. The unique intelligent "machine vision" technology allows the researcher to "train" the system to see, recognize and quantify specific events of interest, either label free, through fluorescence or a combination of both.

DYNC is distributor for the Benelux countries.

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